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SEB & JESS - Rock N Blues

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Sébastien Plante ( The Respectables) & Jessyka Lapierre are hitting the road again together this year with their 'one man band duo' Rock N Blues review!
After more than 100 concerts performed in Quebec, France and the U.K.,SEB & JESS are back for more Rock & Roll this summer.
Catch them live in Canada and the U.S. with a new tour beginning May 3rd in the
City of New Orleans during JazzFest!

SEB & JESS live in Montebello
SEB & JESS - Rock N Blues
Hit the road Jack | Seb and Jess
Hip Shake - Rock N Blues Vol.1 - Seb and Jess

What's a "One man Band duo"?

It is simply Sebastien Plante (lead man from Montreal Band "The Respectables") finding himself simultaniously behind all instruments! Watch him play kick drums, snare, guitars and harmonicas while singing in pair with the charismatic and super talented singing force Jessyka Lapierre who also brings her dynamic stage presence to the stage every night to the audience's great delight!


Together, they fill the stage with immense energy and passion for this timeless songlist!


Using rare guitars, a cigar Box instrument and special mics, they reel us in and keep us going with Jess' unique and electrifying performances and Seb's impressive playing. The two really make a pair!


Together performing this authentic vintage Rock & Roll and Blues repertoire. Revisiting classics from legends such as Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Jimmy Reed, Etta James, Ike and Tina, Ray Charles, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, John Lee Hooker, The Rolling Stones and so many more!

Rock N Blues


The album is an extension of their live show performed in the manner of a

« one man band » Duo.  

SEB & JESS revisit such timeless classics as « At Last » by Etta James, « Hip Shake » by Slim Harpo, « Hit the road Jack » by Ray Charles, « Babe what you want me to do » by Jimmy Reed and « Roll over Beethoven » by Chuck Berry. The record also features a first original track  « The Love accord » (a title referring to the expression « Peace accord »), in which we learn how the two singers met and what « love accord » they decided to sign!





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